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Feature: Joseph Pegler and The Lucky Jotter

Joseph Peglar

During my finial year studying Photography at the B&FC I created The Lucky Jotter art showcase (TLJ), alongside finishing the course. Leaving with a 2:1 and looking to pursue with a career within the gallery circuit, I started working closely with the Grundy art gallery, Supercollider and other art based businesses across Blackpool.

Less than a year after graduating me and two other curators launched Venn Projects, a gallery based at the FYCreatives building in the heart of Blackpool. The gallery had a strong two-year program, where we hosted a number of exhibitions including award winning sculptor Sam Shendi and renowned photographer Ian Tilton.

On the side of all this I was working with Nikon and developing The Lucky Jotter by exhibiting in other cities, Berlin, Nottingham, Manchester. This kept me busy but because three jobs were not enough, I entered into the challenge of the Blackpool's Young entrepreneur award.

After winning the award with The Lucky Jotter concept, it then became clear that I had skills and a service that worked and was already recognisable both nationally and internationally. It shaped my future and I soon came to realise that full time gallery work wasn't right for me. Having a business and working to help other artists is what I had a passion for. I had to move to Manchester to develop it.

While being in Manchester I've got to know the city by understanding what's happening and what's actually missing in the art industry. Working with a fine art production house, I have been able to access a much wider market. I now work producing exhibitions with established artists such as Mishka Henner, Lincoln Townley and contemporary galleries; HOME, Grundy Art Gallery, Artzu and most recently the Liverpool Biennial.

A lot of moving parts and networking has helped me these four and half years. Using all this experience, of failure and achievement, I am now shaping The Lucky Jotter into a international art agency. We're aiming to provide services that will help all artists get their work out into the public domain through original sales, print editions, exhibition shows and online promotion.

Having the 8TH Exhibition at the B&FC is a personal mile stone, I hope the exhibition shows the quality and hard work that myself and the artists I represent have put in.

My advice for students and grads is to work hard, network, take risks, find yourself a mentor and never slow down.

Blackpool and The Fylde College is proud to host The Lucky Jotter's 8th Exhibition and we wish Joe all the best for the future. For more information about the upcoming exhibition click here.

TLJ 6th Exhibition Private view at FYCreatives